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Everything I wish I knew about money and getting clients when I started my freelance career in design is reunited in this guidebook. If you want the ultimate guide to knowing everything about money as a freelance designer, you have it here!

Now let me ask you a question...

Do you recognize yourself in at least two of these situations?

👉🏼 You're thinking about starting a freelance career or you started a freelance career and have a bit of experience

👉🏼 You feel lost on how to start/manage a freelance career, you're overwhelmed with information, you don't know who to listen to

👉🏼 You feel like the efforts you're putting into work doesn't worth the money you get paid

👉🏼 You have trouble understanding the client's language

👉🏼 You want to make more money and attract more serious & high-end clients

👉🏼 You struggle/don't know how to position yourself like a real professional

👉🏼 You're anxious about charging money and you fear client rejections

👉🏼 You don't like to charge money for your work

👉🏼 You want to be bolder and more confident in business

👉🏼 You want to build a bulletproof client process and convert more

👉🏼 You want to be proud of yourself, invest in yourself, and take action to live a meaningful life

If you said yes, then you definitely need this guidebook!

Here's a sneak peek of the covered topics:

I'll walk you through everything you need to know to understand how money works in the design world, how to charge your clients & set up your own prices, how to negotiate and how to handle your design projects like a REAL pro!

➡️ Chapter 0: Freelance & money mindset

➡️ Chapter 1: Understand & communicate the value of design

➡️ Chapter 2: How to actually charge a design client

➡️ Chapter 3: Finding your method of pricing

➡️ Chapter 4: Client negotiation secrets

➡️ Chapter 5: How to handle your projects like a pro

➡️ Chapter 6: Set up your payment process

What makes this guidebook so special anyway?

Glad you asked! Here's a non-exhaustive list of why this guidebook is not ANY guidebook. It's the guidebook that'll help you overcome ALL your freelance & money-related problems and doubts:

💥 Easy to understand guide

I’ll explain everything clearly: no complicated words, no fluff, and only the straightforward reality. I know you're sick of blurry and general explanations, I got you!

💥 Clear direction to follow

No more being lost on a sea of information on design and freelance. I grouped all the essentials in one unique place: this guidebook!

💥 Money mindset reboot

To set yourself up for success, to be bolder in business, to earn more, and to finally be the designer you deserve to be!

💥 Tips, techniques, advice

And more, to be more professional and position yourself as the design expert you are and blow your design client’s mind!

💥 What they don't tell you about money

So many tips & tricks out there, so many out-of-reach gurus, but not a single complete detailed guide about how to articulate your pricing in the market. I'm here to fix that for you.

💥 Personalized especially for YOU

Customized and various examples depending on your design level & situation, my personal stories & mistakes. Learn from someone you can actually relate to!


► What problems will this guidebook help me solve?

All money-related problems a young freelance designer can encounter if he just started or if he's at the beginning of his career. This includes having low rates, being anxious about talking money with clients, being afraid of client objections, not knowing how much to charge, not having any solid strategy when it comes to the financial aspect of their business, and many more.

What you might not realize yet, is that money issues are triggered by other inner issues, and money issues trigger other issues too.

For example, you might be charging too low. And you might struggle to charge higher because you don't convert clients when you raise your prices. Maybe what you don't know is that your skills and service also need to be raised, if you raise your prices, or that losing low-quality clients is a necessary step to move to high-quality clients, and that it's not proof that you're doing wrong, but proof that you're doing right!

Or perhaps...you have no idea about how to charge a client, how can you put a number on creativity, how you should know what's your worth?

Or...you're struggling to negotiate with a client, you get anxious whenever you need to talk about money and you're worried about what the client might say, or disagree with?

I summarized all of these topics in the guidebook, I explain them in-depth and give you multiple solutions you can apply to overcome them! Still, hesitating? 👀

► Why should I buy this guidebook?

Here's a non-exhaustive list of reasons why you should buy this guidebook:

✅ Easy to understand guide where I explain everything clearly with concrete real-life examples

✅ Gives you direction to set yourself for success and convert clients

✅ Tips, techniques, and advice not only to "look" more professional but TO BE more professional

✅ Reading between the lines with clients and negotiation walk-through

✅ Selling methods to convince clients to buy from you

✅ Clear direction to follow, customized to your personal situation & experience (multiple examples from different fields & level of experience)

✅ Mindset reset to be bolder and more confident in business

✅ Mindset reset to understand that making money isn't bad, it's your WORTH

✅ Action taking oriented

✅ Relatable and easy to access actions designed for you, from someone that used to be in the same situation. No out-of-reach advice from over successful guru. Just one designer talking to another.

► How can I apply what I read?

I do mention a lot of examples of actions through the guidebook. It might be a lot to digest in one read, so what I suggest you do is to grab a pen and a notebook or open your favorite note-taking app and write a to-do list that you'll fill with tasks, as long as you read. Remember to divide all big tasks into bite-sized tasks so that you're not overwhelmed. Don't try to cross everything fast, it's a long-term process.

Don't forget that it's not a one-time read guidebook. It's a "GUIDE" book so it should be your guide. Do not hesitate to come back at it each time you're doubting something. I made it to be read multiple times, not just once!

PS: I also plan to write a to-do list after each important point of the guidebook on a future update, to give you even more direction on what steps you should take next!

► Why should I trust you?

👉🏼 Because I've been there too, I made all client mistakes you can think about (literally)

👉🏼 Because I've been struggling with clients too, I've been anxious about charging money too

👉🏼 Because I know you can't relate to +20 years of experience design legend but you can relate to ME because I'm just like you

👉🏼 Because I understood that in this world where information flows from everywhere, it's so easy to get lost, and the solution is to pick someone you can truly trust and follow their formula, and I dedicated my time, skills, and focus to become that person for you

👉🏼 Because everyone keeps warning and telling you what you shouldn't do, but no one tells you concretely what you HAVE to do

👉🏼 And last but not least...

...Because I'm REAL. I'm not a billionaire, I'm not out-of-reach, I'm not seeking to make tons of money on your back. I'm just a branding designer who earns enough to live a decent life and crush my goals. And that's what I'll teach you to be too.

I have enough of seeing people selling you high success and a dream life you don't even need. Focus on what's next to you. Small steps, and enjoy the small wins. Put them together to achieve big wins over time. That's what I teach. No bullsh*t, no fluff, just the straight reality.

► Is there any way to have a refund/cancel my pre-order?

Except if there was a technical issue that prevented you from opening the guidebook file (with proof), no refunds are possible.

► Is it a real/physical book?

No, it's a digital product! If you order it, you'll receive a PDF. All pictures you see with a real book are just representations of the guidebook.

Final words

I made this guidebook after years of observation and interaction with the design community. Besides having personally experienced all struggles related to not knowing enough about money, clients, or even the design field itself, I also listened and exchanged about yours. I created this guidebook based on that & what I believe will help you become a better designer AND business owner.

At the end of the day, I don't really mind if you buy it or not. I just want you to TAKE ACTION and pursue the life that you deserve. Whether it's through my guidebook, a youtube video, a page of a book, or a Google search, it doesn't matter. The most important thing is that you strive to be someone you can be proud of.



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